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Most people use very weak passwords for each website they visit and it is very common to use low-security passwords because they are easy to remember, and (my favorite) the usage of the same password over and over again because, hey, it’s easy to remember just one.

But (thank you Internet), some websites started to require more complex passwords, such as a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. You probably find it very annoying, but it’s actually very good because simple passwords are easy to hack and you could lose access to your account (like email!) just because you used a low-security password.

And this is where you find yourself in a bit of a trouble – how to remember all those complex passwords? Fortunately, there is a little thing called PASSWORD MANAGER, which keeps track of all your passwords, and in most cases, you have to remember just ONE master password (but make sure you use a secure complex one).

A password manager is an app that uses a master password to encrypt all your usernames, passwords, data in a secure web environment. And this is why all online users should use a password management system to keep track of all their passwords and private information.

Here are my TOP reasons why everyone should use a password manager software.


1. You don’t have to remember all your passwords

With a password manager app, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your passwords. You don’t have to make a computer list or a paper list to keep track of all your passwords. All you have to remember is one single master password. Easy, right!

2. Automated login

No more manually entering your login info. No more misspelled passwords. No more big letter, small letter problems. Password manager remembers all your login info and auto-input all your data as soon as you get to a websites login screen. Great!

3. Encryption rocks!

Maybe you think it’s not that safe to store all your passwords in one web space, but the thing is that your data isn’t stored in a “normal” way – it’s encrypted (“1df41edfd21df7sd1fsd” – that is how a password “mylogin2018” looks like in the app – you would never guess it, right?). The app uses a special algorithm to encrypt all your data in a secure way.

“Most password managers are very easy to use and super friendly…”
4. Linux, Windows, Chrome, Firefox – it doesn’t matter!

There are many password managers that you can download to your computer and most of them work on multiple platforms. I actually like web-based best because then you don’t depend on your computer, you can access all your passwords from the web, your phone, tablet or computer wherever you are.

5. Unique passwords

Sometimes it’s really hard to come up with a unique password every time you get to a new website, but password manager can help you with that too. Most of them have this great feature – the ability to generate unique passwords for you and automatically save them so you don’t have to worry about anything.


6. Unlimited

In your password manager, you can save an unlimited number of passwords so you don’t have to worry that you will run out of space (or paper).


7. With you all the time

If you use an offline password manager you can simply put it on a USB stick and carry it with you (don’t worry – even if you lose it, no one can access it without your master password). Or if you use a web-based password manager, you simply log in to your account and access all your passwords (don’t forget to log out – but even if you do, most of them will automatically log out when you close the browser).


8. Easy to use

In case you haven’t figured it out yet – most password managers are very easy to use and super friendly so setting up and remembering all your passwords is like a walk in the park.


9. It’s FREE!

Some of them are free so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money just to keep track of all your passwords.


Now that we’ve covered all my top reasons why everyone should use a password manager let me tell you my favorite one:




It is a web based password manager and it’s FREE.

So, get on their website WWW.LASTPASS.COM and make your internet experience a little bit safer.