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If you want to build a profitable business and attract customers through online marketing, your website (and yes, you need one) plays the key role. No matter what your business is, you have to ensure that you capture the attention of your visitor and/or customer. And how to do that? By making sure your visitor doesn’t encounter any problems while browsing through your website.

Here I am going to list 5 things that (in my opinion) every website should have.

1. Links to Social Media Profiles

I am not saying that a Social Media presence is a must, but why not take advantage of all the people that use Social Media daily (and that is a lot of people).

You never know whose attention you are going to capture and what benefit will you gain from them.

So, a simple “Like”, “Share”, “Follow”, “Tweet” or “Pin” is really an easy way to get your message, product or service to a wide range of people.


2. Call to Action Buttons

Those “Contact Us” or “Sign-Up” buttons have to be visible as soon a visitor enters your website.

But, be careful not to be too annoying. These buttons have to be prominent and easily accessible and appear at the right moment.

“More than 90% of all “Internet visitors” use their mobile phones or tablets to search something on the Internet.”

3. Responsive Website Design

Your website has to be mobile-friendly. More than 90% of all “Internet visitors” use their mobile phones or tablets to search something on the Internet.
If your website is not properly configured for these devices, you are losing a lot of customers.

4. Email Marketing Sign Up

Email Marketing is a great way to stay in touch with the audience that is interested in your services and/or products.
If they are interested, they will sign-up, and if they sign-up you are one step closer to making a sale. (And that is what we are all trying to do).


5. Testimonials / What others say

Be sure, there are a hundred other businesses just like yours, so why should a customer buy your product or service?
Reputation – that is one of few advantages you have over other businesses. People don’t know you, they don’t know if your product and/or service is genuine. So what other people say about you/your business matters.
So why not use that? Always ask for a feedback and place it somewhere near that service/product you are selling. That way you are building your reputation and your profit.


So, tell me, what is your website missing? You should fix that, fast, because you are losing valuable customers that are going to spend their money somewhere else.